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Full Membership:
Is open to organisations whose core purpose is to provide counselling to the community. Where other services exist within the organisation or where counselling is not the core service being provided, the counselling section must be a substantial element within the organisation and have its own separate policies and procedures. It is required that significant focus is placed on providing a level of professional expertise within the guidelines of both ethical & clinical governance. That the organisation is community-based, not-for-profit and has voluntary or charitable status. That they sign up to the Core Principles & Criteia of the AACPI.


  • Free national Networking Events.
  • Agency & services listed on the website.
  • Bi-annual Newsletter.
  • Have full provision and support for the use of the AACPI Database.
  • Be included in Regional support Groups.
  • Kept informed of relevant information pertaining to funding matters.
  • Voting on agency matters, e.g. at AGM's & EGM's.

Full Membership Fee is €200

Associate Membership:
Is open to organisations that are not eligible for Full Membership, that support the aims and objectives and sign up to the Core Principles of the AACPI. That they provide a service to the community that includes community-based counselling or is an national organisation with the same ethos. They are community-based, are not-for-profit, have voluntary or charitable status.

  • 10% discount off National Networking Events.
  • Bi-annual Newsletter.
  • Have full provision and support for the use of the AACPI's Database.
  • Agency and services listed on the website.
  • Be included in the Regional Support Groups.

Associate Membership Fee is €100

Affiliate Membership:
Is open to organisations not eligible for Full or Associate Membership, support the AACPI's aims and objectives and operate in an allied profession or have interest in or support for community-based/voluntary counselling.


  • 5% discount off National networking Events.
  • Bi-annual Newsletter.
  • Agency listed on our website.

Affilate Membership Fee is €50

Download: AACPI Standards & Criteria Form

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If your organisation is interested in becoming a member of the AACPI, even if you do not currently meet all the membership requirements, please feel free to contact:

National Director


Mobile: 087/7391794  

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