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The AACPI aims to support and represent the network of service providers of Professional Community-based counselling services. It commits to be community-based and not-for-profit, to pursue standards of excellence in clinical practice and corporate governance and to support and value agency-based work.

It aims at all times to be accessible, to honour inclusivity and equality to all in the community.

  • AACPI is a Registered Charity in the Republic of Ireland. Reg. CHY. No. 18950
  • AACPI is a Company limited by Guarantee, Company No. 545085

Board Of Management

All members of the Board of Management are drawn from the member organisations that provide community-based counselling services nationally. Annual General Meeting of AACPI elects the Board of Management for 3-year periods and a rotation system is in operation.


The Association for Agency-based Counselling & Psychotherapy in Ireland (AACPI) is an association of like-minded agencies who provide counselling services for people in communities across Ireland. AACPI member agencies uphold core-principles that define an agency-based approach to counselling. These core-principles shape and influence the counselling practice, administration, standards, and ethos of a centre or agency. We work together to develop standards of excellence for organisations providing counselling services with a wide and varied range of presenting issues to all in the community.


Organisational Vision
Is an Ireland where the well-being and mental health of all communities, families, children, young people, couples and individuals are supported through a network of professional community-based counselling and therapeutic support agencies.

It aims at all times to be accessible, to honour inclusivity and equality to all in the community.
• In 4 years time we want the sector to be secure; i.e. providing all of the counselling & psychotherapy to all of the people, all of the time.
• Well defined funding streams for counselling & psychotherapy
• Meetings with policy makers.
• Well defined relationships with key decision groups-policy makers
• Historic redress-Restoration of funding

Organisational Principals
The AACPI and its members are committed to Professional Standards and best practice through the following Principals.
• That member agencies operate from an ethos that strives to promote equality and diversity, to ensure that all legislation and policy requirements within the nine characteristics of equality and diversity are implemented in all practices.
• That member agencies recognise the needs and potential of individuals and families in the community.
• That member agencies have clear 'Clinical' & 'Corporate Governance' accountability structures.
• That member agencies have on-site systems of record-keeping & data collection; and continuous quality development.
• That member agencies are committed to on-going organisational development to ensure that they operate best practice standards.
• That member agencies are community-based, not-for-profit and strive to be of benefit to these communities within the limits of their competency.

In addition, on an annual basis, organisations monitor and evaluate their performance under a range of headings including: Corporate Governance, Employment standards, administration, professional boundaries, standards of client care and case management, record keeping and data collection, administrative support, management, supervision, accountability, ethics,
policies and procedures.


AACPI Coordinator: Sarah Jane Hennelly 

Chair: Marian Keigher

Office Address: AACPI, Iveagh Court, WeWork, Harcourt Road, Dublin 2, D02VH94

Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 9.30am to 5.30pm
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Mobile: +353(0)87-7391794

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